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Tantra massage is a type of massage that uses sexual energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness. Skilled tantra massage therapists, or lovers who study the art, use specific sensual touches such as lightly running fingertips along the entire body to awaken a dormant energy field within the body. When awakened, this energy field is believed to unite lovers in an ecstatic experience and allow trapped physical and mental pain to escape from the body.

1. Improve Your Breathing:

Tantric massage incorporates many breathing techniques that have been proven effective for centuries. The breathing methods you will use during your massage will help to enhance the overall experience and moreover teach you how to use breathing to control your natural bodily responses.

2. Emotional Healing:

Tantric is first and foremost aimed at your emotional well-being. While there are wonderful physical attributes, you can expect even greater results emotionally. As you learn to receive pleasure, self-esteem and self-worth are heightened, leading to a better overall happiness.

3. Become Self-Aware:

There is no better way to become aware of your very self than by giving up complete control in every aspect to another person. A tantric massage requires you to abandon inhibitions and insecurities and lay them at the hands of the masseuse. As every part of your body is given complete attention, you will get to know yourself in new ways and discover parts of your inner-being that you weren’t previously aware of.

4. Better Health:

The tantric massage will improve your circulation, emotional well-being, and decrease your stress levels. All of these things will leave you in better health, with an improved physical and emotional outlook going forward..

5. Curb Impulses:

The breathing techniques that you acquire during a tantric massage will help you to control your most natural human impulses. Many find that issues they once had, such as premature ejaculation, are significantly helped once they learn how to re-focus their minds and enjoy pleasure in the present moment rather than as a means to an end.

6. Fight Stress:

Any massage will help those dealing with stress, but the tantric massage takes it one step further than simply relaxing your body. Since tantric focuses on your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual health all at once, you will leave with a renewed sense of self and lowered stress as a result of it.

7. Libido:

Libido is more commonly thought of as sexual desire. Still more specific definitions described libido as the free creative, or psychic energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation.

8. Erectile dysfunction:

The tantric massage can help people with erectile dysfunction in the same way as it can help people with a suffering libido. The aim of a tantric massage isn’t to turn you into a sex crazed animal but rather to appreciate your body and the way it feels.

9. Blood Pressure:

Blood pressure is a measurement of the force placed on the blood vessels and is comprised of the "systolic" pressure (the top number on a blood pressure meter) which is the peak pressure when the heart is pumping, and the "diastolic" pressure (the bottom number on a blood pressure meter) which is the pressure during the resting phase in between heart beats.

10. Sex Education:

In many cultures of the world, sex education is merely adequate; therefore, both the genders are unprepared for any sexual interaction and sensuality. Having a tantric massage is the best way to learn about your body, and how each organ of your body provides you with sensual delight. The tantric sensual massage gives you an insight to what your body is and which parts can make you feel a particular sensation, thus, when you interact sexually, you know what pleases you and your partner.

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